Tuesday, October 17, 2006

An update... 1, 2, 3

Oscar loves music. He loves dancing, he loves singing, the boy has a groove. In fact, his head wobble and hippy shake is quite impressive.

For Y.E.A.R.S I have looked for a music appreciation program that would be suitable for him. I thought I found it, but the organisers decided to put all the special needs kids together, so there was Oscar being freaked out by a Downs boy who was just not coping with an after school activity in his first term of 'big school'. I mean seriously people, get some parenting skills. Even I didn't enrol the boys in anything in the first half of their first year at school, I mean, cut them some slack...somewhere. Then, combine that with the autistic boy who just freaked out at anyone coming near him (cue Downs boy running up to him and screaming at the top of his lungs "baaarrrrrrr") and it was really quite a fine play based on the theme F.A.I.L.U.R.E.

This is one of the thing that majorly pisses me off about well-intentioned (but in fact highly discriminatory) "professionals". Oscar has special needs, they are quite unique to Oscar. They are not contagious. Perhaps meet him, engage with him, observe him, and then, using your professional expertise, determine what class and/or setup would work best for him AND you.

Anyway, this wasn't meant to be a rant.

At the end of last term we got a note from school inviting all boys to come along and see the boys dance group and get involved. I noted it was organised and run by the school's Year 6 teacher, who is a l.e.g.e.n.d. (For example, she volunteered to be the special needs coordinator for the school. She doesn't get paid more, she doesn't get anything except a shitload more work and yet she does it. AND she 'gets' it.)

SO - This week is the first week back and I mentioned it in his communication book with his teacher that Oscar would be interested, and maybe they could get Mrs C to ring me. Instead they sent a note home saying Mrs C would be thrilled if Oscar wanted to come along and see you at 8 (this morning).

SO - Oscar has joined the boys dance group at school. He LOVED it. He came home and even showed me some of the moves. Including toe tapping, a delightful turn and some backward walking steps.

The kid is a legend.

Now, not only do we have a child actor, we have a child who has the potential to fight a town for his right to dance.


At 12:02 pm, Blogger Badger said...

Oh! Yay for Oscar!

This made me cry, a little.

At 8:33 pm, Blogger Chanelle said...

Hi Kim,
My name is Chanelle and I got the address for this site off my mum who has been in email contact with you. I have a brother who also has a chromosome 4 issue, I think my mum has told you about him, so I wanted to check out what you had written. I see a lot of similarities b/w what you're going through and what we went through. I would love to keep reading your stories and maybe sharing some of my own.

At 8:46 pm, Blogger Kim said...

Chanelle - hi!
I've been ruminating on maybe making this blog a community one where a couple of us with kids w/ dodgy chromosomes can just share stories and experiences whenever the spirit moves us.

At 8:56 pm, Blogger Chanelle said...

Hi Kim,
Yes I would be keen to be in the loop even tho it is my brother rather than son, I suppose I have a slightly different perspective on it all but am still very keen to be involved. I have been reading some of your other posts for other blogs, you have a great way of writing. My email is chanelle.nzchiro@gmail.com if you wanted to be in touch :-)


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