Sunday, September 17, 2006

The dentist

So last week saw us back at the hospital for Oscar's 'regular' dental checkup - I thought it would be interesting as the week prior I noticed he has a permanent molar coming through while his baby molar ain't moving.

Anyway, we're back in three months and I've filled in the forms for Oscar to go in to be put under, which will probably happen early next year. I'm actually OK with this as it's been three years since his last general for dental work. If he needs another round of botox the dentist is happy to work with the CP specialist to have both procedures done under the one anaesthetic. Noice.

How to make me cry in an instant...
On Friday the Oggaboy came home with his communication book we have going
with his teacher and aide. Two girls in his class had written in it:

Today we played volly ball and Oscar scored three or four really good shotes.
By Bella and Claire

My reply is - if any of his classmates want to write in his communication book about something he's done with them during that day - spelling mistakes and all -

I picked him up early on Thursday to take Mum to the airport. I love getting there unannounced and at a normal time, as it is the best indication to me as to how 'accepted' and how involved he is. They were all at lunch, and there he was, with about 4-5 classmates kicking around a ball. Tops I say, bloody T.O.P.S.


At 7:53 am, Blogger Badger said...

Oh! That. Is. AWESOME! I am so happy for him! And you!

At 10:38 pm, Blogger Kim said...

I know. So good. Now, if we could just end the every.single.morning "NO choool" fuss, we'd be right.


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