Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Oscar got invited to a birthday party of a kid in his class.

It made me cry.


At 6:37 am, Blogger Bec of the Ladies Lounge said...

I am so glad you got a good reason to cry - if that makes sense? big hugs.

At 2:33 pm, Blogger Badger said...

Okay wait, how did I NOT know you had this blog?

And I would have cried, too. That is exactly how I felt when a couple of kids showed up at our front door a couple of months ago, asking if the boy child could play. Because that had NEVER EVER happened before. Damn.

At 2:14 pm, Blogger MsCellania said...

Ryan got his first personally-addressed invitation of his life 2 days ago. I ran and sat in the car (in the garage) and sobbed. I didn't want the boys to see me losing it.

I am so glad I found you here, Kim. I have been reading, and nodding, and crying.

Smooch all your boys from me today, Kim; and smooch Oscar extra.


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